How I stop making emotional decisions

Did you know that the majority of people are defined by their emotions? Like literally emotions define how we function as a human being!

Do you sometimes feel like you’re emotionally unstable, going from highs to lows some of the time?

BREATHE…TIME OUT… there is  NOTHING  wrong with you!!!!  Seriously! YOU ARE FINE JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! BREATHE. Just sayin…..

You know how sometimes you just cannot make yourself get out of bed but other times you are ready to conquer the world? You know what? It is normal! Yes, I know we can feel all alone in it..but we are not! 

 From experience, I have learned that we are not supposed to make quick decisions at any high emotional time, but rather to just sit back and wait, ride out your emotional wave.

I know in today’s world, we are pushed to make many quick decisions.  I used to think that people who said they needed to meditate before making a big decision,  investment, or time commitment were just making up an excuse to not do whatever that was right now. I was wrong.

I have learned quite differently as I get older and wiser. 🙂  Spending some time in meditation before actually making that decision or choice actually calms the soul and heart, silences the mind, and gives us great perception. And it’s absolutely beautiful.

Lots of love and hugs…


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