Crazy anxiety comes out of the blue

Stress comes out of the blue! Anxiety. Panic.  Like not just peaking around the corner stress…no….but blast in my face stress! It threatened to ruin my peaceful day!

So I know in my soul that I have grown into a much calmer woman in my crone years than I ever was in my younger years. Well…was I calm at all? Sometimes I wonder.  I lived in survival mode most of my adult life which came in the form of my personal relationships. Those are stories for another day…

But this day…

It started out calm. I got to sleep in. I had a later shift at work and since I work from home I can just be in the office in a jiffy!

I actually had time to do abit of meditation and journaling, plus enjoy a cup of coffee out on my back porch. That was so nice for a change instead of getting up just in time to work cause I stayed up to late night before reading, binge-watching Netflix, and playing that addictive match game on my phone!

As it turns out, I needed this beginning for what was going to happen next……

On my late morning break, I start to call my sister to check in on my mom and I have no cell service! Say what? Okay okay, this has happened before, I tell myself when I had AT&T  but with Verizon, they were just on their game!  And didn’t I just call my partner earlier that morning and everything was good?

So I give it abit of time then try again. Nada. Shoot. Well, it is my only phone and now I wonder why I don’t get my landline hooked up again. I make a mental note…

I checked my bill to make sure I hadn’t forgotten to pay it on time.  Okay whew, it was paid! I jump on Verizon chat service on their website. I reached a really nice lady…

She started by asking me to turn my phone off and on. And then went through the series of steps to check it. In the middle of this, I received an email from a friend in the area that Verizon did have an outage in our little small town area.  I asked her to check into this. She did and came back with a “not that I can see” answer.  By now it was time to take the sim card out of my Apple phone. Now mind you, this is my 1st Apple and I had no idea where it was.

Needless to say, it was a long  90 mins before I got the phone up and running again.  In taking out the sim card it flipped somewhere under my desk and was so tiny it took 2 of us to look in and around the boxes I had underneath my desk to find it.  Oh! And did I mention I was working part of this time?  How crazy is that!

It was stressful to me that I cried. I mean it was my only phone and source with the outside world right now cause my car was in the shop! I tell ya! When it rains it pours! lol

But with the help of my partner and some deep breathing, I came out of it pretty darn good. But I do NOT want to go through that

Before bed, I wrote in my gratitude journal and I could see through the panic and anxiety I had over this issue to see my beautiful life and could smile as I lay down on my pillow and drifted off.

xoxoxo ~Annette

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