Everyone is talking about Gratitude

Have you noticed that everyone is talking about Gratitude more now than ever? I think that is because our Nation needs it now more than ever, right?

I am going to chat about it here for a few also. Okay so we  know that Gratitude is an an Attitude and it can change your life. But what does that mean really?

Well for me at this time.. it means more reading good books, meditating, writing in my journal, deep breathing,  guided visualizations, time spent in nature, and my quiet space.

All this has created a more content person in me and that carries over into every area of my life. I guess you could say I’ve developed certain new habits. 🙂 Yep that’s it!

Have you found that once you commit to having an attitude of gratitude, on a daily basis, it changes the way you think?  I have read that our minds cannot hold two conflicting thoughts at the same time. When you think in terms of gratitude, that influences your behavior. And we DO do move towards and become like what we think about. That is a truth.

Years back, when I was going through what to me was a very hard and soul draining time…ie: being laid off from work after years of working in Corporate America, I remember ending my day saying things like this ” Dear Universe (that’s what I called my higher power)–I made it another day in job searching and telling myself I am a smart woman and I will find one again.”  And I did! And eventually another layoff lead to me deciding to be my own boss…. 🙂 (well for the most part).  And that’s been amazing!

It is really about the way we think about things that makes the difference. It’s a given that what you dwell on and think about comes in to you……as in Like attracts Like.  Having that attitude of gratitude, on a daily basis,  has changed the way I go through the my day and realizing and remembering all the abundance I do have right now.

I have found also, now more than ever, that being around negative people even on FB, zaps my positive energy! Have you? Crapola! 

I want to put out positive energy and be around those that do! It leads to a much more peaceful life.

It’s like a snowball, the more we are positive and grateful to and for those around us, the more they are, then the people they are that way to…become that way. And someday soon that snowball will roll all the way across the US and help people live life with happier outlooks and be kinder to each other! And that would be amazing! 

Who’s with me here? Let me know about your experiences as you start doing this on a daily basis.  I’d love to know!



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