Writing my new story…again

I am writing my new story….again!

Yep, I am. I am backing up. Resetting. I burn the old ones in my fire-pit. In the recycle bin. I empty it. I start over. Pushing out the old. I write the new. My new energy. New self-talk. My desires. My heart’s new stories.

I am done holding on to all those old beliefs. The stories of inadequacy of not enough money. Of not being good enough on so many levels. Of being too lazy, too fat, too loud. On and on….

So many times I couldn’t imagine a new story for myself. It seemed so far away. I wish that I longed for but felt could never be mine.

I wanted that new story. A calm and happy and content one. I knew we all have stories about ourselves, about others, about our relationships, about how we should look or not look, about what we are meant to do in life, about how to be happy and I knew our old stories get in the way.

Do you want to get rid of those old stories? Old patterns and beliefs? The ones that are keeping you from being content, calm, and happy in the right now?

Do this with me. Get your journal out. Write as much as you can in 20 minutes about your old stories and what you don’t want to have any longer in your life. Tear it out of your journal and crumple it up.

Now start a fresh page and write for 20 minutes about what you do want in your life. How you want to feel, be, do. What it feels like to have it. What it smells and looks like. Breathe it in! Deeply. Then take that crumpled piece of paper and burn it. Light a flame in it..safely! As it disappears, feel all those things leaving your body. Push them out. For good. They are no longer you.

Now, read your new list daily..night and morning. Add to it. Sleep on it. Believe it.

It really works..my new story is coming alive!

~with lots of love……~Annette

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